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Learn to use PrepSTEP, a collection of professional examination and career preparation, technology skills, core skills, study skills, and college success skills. Includes tutorials and practice tests.

Using PrepSTEP

This is the PrepSTEP homepage. In the top left corner, it should say "Kishwaukee College". This lets you know that you have signed in correctly. Below this is a blue banner that runs horizontally across the page. If at any point you need to return to the homepage, click the "Home" button on the far left.

PrepSTEP homepage.














PrepSTEP tracks your progress as you complete activities. If it does not say "Logged in" on the right side of the blue banner, you will want to create an account.

Sign In/Register button.



If this is the case, click the "Sign In/Register" button. You will be brought to a new page.

This is the "Sign In/Register" page. If, after creating an account, you are logged out for whatever reason, you can use this page to log back in.

Click the blue "Register" button.

Register button is to the right of the "Username" and "Password" fields in the center of the screen.








Automatically PrepSTEP should determine Kishwaukee College as your institution. If not, you will want to select that here with the drop down.

Select whether of not you are a European Union citizen and then provide your first and last name, an email (likely your Kishwaukee email), and choose a password.

You do not need to provide a student ID or a Course Section number unless you have been instructed to do so.

Click "Register" in the button right.















From here, you should navigate back to the PrepSTEP homepage by clicking the "Home" button in the left corner of the blue banner at the top of the page. At the center of the homepage below the blue banner, you will see a search bar (shown below). Let's try searching for something. For this example, we'll search "chemistry" in the search bar. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard to search.





This brings you a page that shows you the results of your search. Notice the options available underneath the search bar. You can filter the results based on what type of activity you're looking for.

If there is more than one page of results you can use the next button to navigate between pages of results.

Return back to the home page by clicking the "Home" option on the left side of the blue banner.












Now that we've returned to the homepage, we can see the various different subject areas available on PrepSTEP. Each of these different subject areas is broken down into other smaller sections.

For the purposes of this tutorial, click on "Core English Skills".

Note that while some of the subject areas are academic in nature, PrepSTEP also has activities for non-academic subject areas  like "Career Preparation" and "Computer Skills Center".














Underneath "Core English Skills", PrepSTEP will list the different subcategories within the subject that PrepSTEP has activities for. For "Core English Skills", PrepSTEP has activities for "Reading", "Writing", "Grammar", and "Vocabulary and Spelling".

Click on "Reading". You will be taken to a new page.













From here, you can see the available activities that PrepSTEP has for "Reading". In this case, PrepSTEP has practice set activities, tutorials, and eBooks, however, the available activities will vary from subject to subject.









Once you've started completing activities, you will likely want to track your progress. You can do this by hovering over your name in the blue banner at the top until a drop down menu appears. If you ever need to change your settings or log out of your account, you can do that here.

Click "My Center".







"My Center" tracks all of your progress while logged into your PrepSTEP account. Any progress you've made will be logged with the activity type it was.

Lastly, Clicking the "Download My Center" button on the right will allow you to download a version of the data on this page that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program.