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Library Services

How Do I?

Is there quiet study space in the library?

You can find study tables on the first floor. The second floor has study carrels and booths for use as well as a quiet study room that needs no reservation.


Can I join my online class in the library?

You can find enclosed Kishhh Booths for individual use on the second floor of Library & Tutoring Services. Reserve one of these to join in your online class or participate in an online meeting. Bring your laptop (and charger) with you.

Kishhh Booth = online meeting pod

Can I reserve a study room for a small group?

Study rooms are available by reservation for a small group for quiet study and collaboration.

R = Study Room   

Is there computers/printing/scanning/copying in the library?

There are computers available on the first floor for quiet study. Just log on with your Kish credentials. Please bring headphones to use if listening to content.




The computers in the library print to the printer/copier in the lab. You can also print from your laptop or phone to the printer/copier in the lab or the printer by the IT department in the hallway behind Library & Tutoring Services.

Currently, the copy machine in the library's computer lab can be used to scan and copy.