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Computer Literacy Help

How to turn the content of your screen into a digital file

Screen Capture

Screen Capture allows you to create a document from what is on your computer screen

Make sure the content you want to capture is visible on your screen. 

The screen capture will not catch anything that you have to scroll up or down to see.

Hit the Function (FN) key and the PRT SCR (print screen) key simultaneously. 

The Function key is usually in the bottom left of the keyboard near the CTRL key.

The PRT SCR key is usually in the upper right corner near the Delete key.

Once you've captured your screen (FN + PRT SCR keys pressed at the same time,)

Go to Word and Paste the content:  Hit CTRL and letter V keys at the same time.

Your Screen Capture content is now in a Word document that you can save, send via email, print, etc.