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ENG 103 Research Guide

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Explore Concepts and Issues

Explore Concepts

Concepts include:

  • Important terms — examples:
    • MMORPG stands for "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game"
    • "girl gamer" is a controversial term for women who play video games
  • Theories and ideas — examples:

    • Media scholar Terry Flew theorizes that gaming is an "increasingly social" activity
    • Researchers are exploring whether video games can help reduce anxiety

Explore Issues

Issues include:

  • Controversies
    Example: Sexualization of women in video games has been studied since the 1980s
  • Arguments
    Example: Due to the "Proteus effect," sexualization in video games is harmful to women
  • Conflicts
    Example: Media writer Anita Sarkeesian has received death threats for her comments about women in gaming

Explore concepts and issues for your topic! The video below shows you how.

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