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Camtasia logoSnagit logoCamtasia & Snagit

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What You Can Do: 

  • Camtasia: Capture your computer screen as a video and narrate it with your voice. Great for making how-to videos and for giving students a "video tour" of your D2L course.

  • Snagit: Capture your computer screen as either a still picture or video, and add annotations and other graphics. Great for making engaging learning materials and for giving students video feedback. 

How To Get Camtasia & Snagit:

Follow the instructions on the Teaching & Learning Center's myKC page

Camtasia logoCamtasia

Camtasia is screencasting software. A screencast is a video that shows what’s happening on a computer screen. You can also record audio narration, zoom in and out, and add arrows or other effects to explain a concept or demonstrate a skill.

What You Can Do with Camtasia:
  • Make an “explainer” video. Show students how to use a piece of software, perform a library literature search, or do just about anything else you can do on a computer.
  • Edit your existing videos. Use Camtasia to edit and enhance a video that you already have. You can add annotations (arrows, highlights, circles, etc.), trim or cut sections you don’t need, and much more.
  • Make a video tour of your D2L course shell. Give students an orientation to your course, showing them how to submit assignments and complete other tasks. This is a great way to “humanize” an online course, or just to reduce confusion about D2L in a F2F or hybrid. See the example "Video Tour of a New Online Course," made by Instructional Designer Tim Lockman.  

Instructions for Using Camtasia

Here is a help guide from TechSmith. You can also watch Camtasia Tutorials on the TechSmith website.

Snagit logoSnagit

Snagit is screen capture and annotation software. It lets you take screen shots (still pictures) on your computer and add arrows and other cool graphics. You can also make screen videos with Snagit, although it doesn't have as many editing features as Camtasia. 

What You Can Do with Snagit:
  • Make an attractive looking handout with detailed, visual instructions
  • Create an infographic or diagram illustrating a challenging concept
  • Make an animated gif to demonstrate a process
  • Record a quick screen video as feedback on a student’s assignment
  • There are lots more possibilities!
Instructions for Using Snagit

Learn more by watching Snagit Tutorials on TechSmith’s website.