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There are two basic types of online lectures:

  • Asynchronous: Everyone is in different places and they do not meet at the same time. This is the more common approach for online courses.
  • Synchronous: Everyone is in different places, but they meet at the same time, just like in a face-to-face class. This is done via Virtual Classroom, Zoom, or another web conferencing tool.

Narrated PowerPoint (for Asynchronous Lectures)

PowerPoint logo

A popular way to create an asynchronous lecture is to add voiceover narration to a PowerPoint slideshow. It takes some time, but many instructors like this approach. Here’s how it works:

Record a slide show with narration and slide timings (from the Microsoft Office Support site)

Virtual Classroom (for Synchronous Lectures)

To conduct synchronous lectures (and possibly discussion), we recommend using Virtual Classroom, the web conferencing tool that’s built in to D2L.

Quick Introduction from D2L:


From Matt Weibel, KC Communications Professor:


The D2L Brightspace Content Module

Your lectures will appear in the Content area of your D2L course. Here's an overview of the Content module from Brian Magnuson, Coordinator of Online Courses at Kishwaukee College.