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Spotlight on new or featured library resources and events

Check out our new study tools!!

New additions that can make your homework life easier!!

Noodle Tools   

Citation generator for APA, MLA, or Chicago-Style citation pages (Reference, Works Cited, Bibliography). You pick what type of source and where you got it from and then fill in the wizard to generate your formatted page. Export the final product to add it onto the end of your paper, or share it with your teacher online. Try the notecard feature, too!

Power Notes   
PowerNotes is useful in a variety of ways, some of the most important include: tying quotations from text to their citations to make citing your work and keeping track of sources easier, note-taking capabilities that help you organize your ideas as you write, and direct functionality in your browser, reducing the number of applications you need to have open to do your work.

Commonly Grounded video

We had a great discussion with Jeff Foster, owner of Common Grounds café in Sycamore. View the video of Jeff talking about his achievements, his challenges, and how he stays motivated amidst COVID-19.

Let's talk about loneliness.

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