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ENG 283 - Images of Women

What is Peer Review?

Courtesy of North Carolina State University Libraries.
Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SE 3.0

Find peer-reviewed articles in EBSCO Host

To find peer-reviewed journal articles:

Use the search box below, and check the "Peer Reviewed" box.

How do I read a peer-reviewed article?

How do I read a peer-reviewed article?

I don't see the article! Help!

What is "Full Text"?
Some EBSCO Host articles are not in "full text." You will see a citation, but not the actual article itself.

To get only full text articles in EBSCO Host, check the "Full Text Available Online" box on your search screen.

What if the article I want isn't in full text?
There are a couple of things you can try:

1. Google Scholar: Watch the part of this video that begins at 2:03.

Still need help finding an article?
Please stop by the Library's Reference Desk, or call (815) 825-9330.