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Library Services


Creating an Account

To begin, go to the PowerNotes site here.

The page should look like this:

Click the "Login" button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

Type your Kishwaukee Email Address in the email field. Below, a box will appear that says "Log In With Kishwaukee College". Click this box. 

You will be brought to another page to sign into your Kishwaukee College Account. It should look like this:

Enter your Kishwaukee College information, and it will let you log in using your Kishwaukee College account. Next, you will need to download the browser extension. The browser extension should keep your sign in information from the PowerNotes webpage. 

Registering for PowerNotes

To use the PowerNotes browser extension, you will first need to add the extension to your browser.

Click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser window. In the drop, select "Settings".

The "Customize and Control Google Chrome" icon is to the right of the search bar and user account within Chrome. The dropdown opens below to the left of the icon. The "Setting" option is third from the bottom in the drop down menu.













This will bring you to a new page. On the left side, select "Extensions".

"Extensions" is the second to last option on the left.










On the new page, click on the link to the Chrome Web Store.

The "Chrome Web Store" text is a hyperlink that will take you to the next page.



In the Chrome Web Store search bar, type "PowerNotes" and click enter.

The search bar is in the top left corner beneath the "chrome web store" heading at the top.







Click on "PowerNotes Research".

"PowerNotes Research" will likely be the first result. The search results will show up to the right underneath "Extensions".







On the next page, click on "Add to Chrome".

The "Add to Chrome" button is to the right across from the "PowerNotes Research" text on the new page.




There will be a pop up. Click the "Add Extension" button.

"Add extension" is the left button in the pop up window.







Click on the puzzle piece icon in the upper right corner of the browser to see your extensions. Click on "PowerNotes Research" to open the browser extension on the right side of your browser. 

The puzzle piece icon is to the right of the search bar. It will pull up a downdown beneath. Underneath "To give an extension access to this site, click it.", PowerNotes Research is the first option to click.