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Open Educational Resources (OER)

List of Kish courses using OERs, data and statistical reports, and OERs published by Kish Faculty

Textbook Affordability Efforts at Kishwaukee College

  • Faculty Focus Groups 
    Faculty were invited to participate in conversations regarding textbook affordability to help understand their successes and challenges as it relates to finding affordable options for their courses. Feedback from faculty was shared with college leaders to help support future affordability efforts. 

  • Specific course textbook evaluations
    With support from the academic leaders, specific faculty and departments agreed to take a comprehensive review of textbook options for their courses, focusing on finding materials that best fit their objectives and are affordable for students. Course participating for the 2023-2024 academic year are: 

    • COM 100 

    • EST 100, 110, and 110 

    • ENG 103 

    • OS 101 

  • OER
    Faculty are regularly exploring OER options. We have support systems in place to help faculty learn about, locate, evaluate, remix, and create OER. Faculty may receive a stipend for OER work. A bootcamp workshop for faculty will be held in June 2023.