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A guide for accessing and using NoodleTools, a citation and note-taking software.


To create a bibliography or works cited for your project, you can export the citations you have created in NoodleTools into your Word Processor of choice. To start, click on the "Sources" tab, and then click the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Next, select the option for how you would like to export your sources. For the purposes of this guide, we will select "Print/Export to Word".

The symbol for exporting sources is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The options listed vertically in the drop down, from top to bottom, are "Print/Export to Word", "Print/Export as RTF", "Print/Export to Google Docs", "Preview as a Web Page (HTML)", and "Formatting Options..."

If you are looking to export sources you have marked with tags or by color, you can do so with the options below. If you would like to export all of your sources, keep the "All sources" button selected, then click submit.

Below the "All sources" button, you can select "Sources with these tags". There are several options available here. If you marked any of your sources with a "Primary", "Secondary", or "Tertiary" tag, that can be selected here, respectively. To the right, there are also color options you can select. First is an option if there is no color, then green, red, and blue, respectively.

A word document will be saved your computer that you can open in Microsoft Word or another word processing software.

Notecards can also be exported in a similar way. Select the printer icon in the top right corner of the Notecards section in NoodleTools.

The export symbol is to the right of the selectable "Outline" button.

Next, select "Export to Word (DOCX file)".

Option available in the drop down from top to bottom are "Export as Web Page (HTML file)", "Export to Google Docs", "Export to Word (DOCX file)", "Export to RTF", "Outline only", and "Outline with notecards".

Under options you can choose to "Export all notecards" or to "Export notecards from pile", which will only export notecards that have been placed in specific piles. Below this, you can also choose which notecard items you would like to export. Click "Submit".

The "Notecard items to export/print" are organized into two columns. The first, from top to bottom, allows you to select a "Source", "Page numbers", "Tags", and "Cues". The second column, to the right, from top to bottom, allows you to select options for "Quotation", "Paraphrase", "My Ideas", and "History/Creator".


A word document will be downloaded to your computer that you can open in Microsoft Word or a word processor of your choice.