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What are reserves?

Textbooks are defined as books and other materials adopted and required or recommended to be purchased by students for use in class. Textbooks provided or loaned to the Library by Departments, Divisions or instructors may be placed on reserve for the convenience of the students.  The instructors determine the check-out period.

How can I put items on reserve?

If the Library already owns the item, we will place the item on Reserve per the instructor's request.  Possibly add a LibWizard document similar to our current Reserves Request form?

The Library will provide links to eResources that are included in the Bookstore's Course Materials list. Instructors can also notify Library Staff of eResources and add them at your request.  

The Library will provide links to OERs that are included in the Bookstore's Course Materials list.

The Library can add Instructor's powerpoints, links to optional materials, lecture notes if they are supplied by the Instructor in a digital format. Physical items can be brought to the Library and kept with our print Course Reserves collection.

How do I add ereserves into my D2L?

eReserves Demo for Faculty

Learn how to add your electronic reserves to a Brightspace course D2L

Why should I put anything on reserve if students get free textbooks this semester?

You can still choose to put required or optional texts on reserve if you feel it would benefit your students.

Kish is providing required texts free at this time, not necessarily optional texts or supplemental materials you use in your courses. 

Library staff include OER textbook selections listed on the bookstore textbook list in our ereserves so you can easily integrate them into your D2L. 

You can select a diverse set of resources for your students and have the library pull them all together in one place for student access. 

Using library reserves is a great way to ensure you are following copyright guidelines. 

Who do I contact about reserves?

Shelly Levine is our fabulous library assistant in charge of reserves. You can contact her directly or via the library general contact information.  Email Shelly at or call x9444