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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Refer a student to Tutoring Services or Academic Success Services

Do you have a student who...

  • would benefit from one-on-one or group content tutoring?
  • could use some help navigating your course technology?
  • would benefit from time management and organization planning?
  • should be connected to additional learning resources? 
  • needs additional encouragement to reach their goals?

To refer a student to these services, check the Tutoring Services box in the Retention Alert Form

Are you interested in working with an embedded tutor?

Embedded Tutors enrich student understanding of content knowledge in collaboration with instructors. 

Examples of embedded tutor service... 

  • Establish initial and ongoing communication with instructors throughout the term  

  • Discuss necessary supplementary content skills, prerequisite knowledge, course requirements, supplemental materials, instructor expectations, common student hurdles, promotion of tutoring, etc. with the instructor 

  • Attend and participate in synchronous class in person or online, or keep up to date on asynchronous class requirements 

  • Provide drop-in tutoring ‘office hour’, scheduled tutoring appointments, or study groups 

  • Monitor and participate in discussion boards and student activities within working hours 

  • Assist students in navigating technology for coursework 

  • Contact students to offer content tips and information about tutoring and study sessions 

  • Participate in or facilitate breakout group activities during class time 

  • Work with students on developing supplementary content skills and refreshing prerequisite knowledge 

Faculty, please contact to learn more about the service or inquire about embedded tutor availability for the upcoming term.  

Would you like to receive weekly reports of tutoring attendance or request a specific report?

Feel free to email so that we can set up weekly reports to your inbox or find your specific report. 

Do you have a student who shows a passion to help others learn?

We are looking for Peer Tutors!

If you have a student in mind, encourage the student to apply using the Student Worker Job Postings under Careers at Kish in the footer of the website. Once the application is submitted, the student will be given a recommendation form to pass on to you to fill out and return to HR (no need to write a recommendation letter).