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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Writing Lab

At any point or every point of the writing process. If you are stuck at planning, revising, adding sources, or finishing the final draft, an appointment with a writing tutor will unlock your writing potential. To be sure you have enough time to revise the paper, you should try and attend the Writing Lab well before the paper is due.

  • The writing prompt and/or your assignment guidelines
  • Your assignment rubric or grading scheme
  • Research you have already done
  • If applicable, any planning you have already started for the paper

This will be decided with your tutor based on your goals and progress you have made on the assignment. Often students will meet multiple times with their writing tutors.

The purpose of a writing tutor is to assist in your growth as a writer. With that in mind, we will enhance your ability to find your own editing and proof-reading issues, but we are not here to correct them for you.

Speech Lab banner with Socrates

At any point in the process, from understanding the assignment, to drafting the speech, to researching the topics, to practicing the final product, we are here to help unlock your full potential.

  • Your speech instructions
  • Type & length of speech
  • Your instructors expectations for organization
  • Research/support & evidence guidelines
  • Grading rubric

Everything from writing the speech to its delivery as well

We have spaces you can reserve to practice delivering your speech while displaying your presentation

We can help you improve the following:

  • Eye Contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Gestures
  • Movement/Use of Space
  • Posture
  • Rate of speech
  • Articulation
  • Volume
  • Use of pauses
  • Tone/Intonation
  • Pronunciation
  • Stop Vocalized Pauses
  • Use of notecards
  • Use of presentation aids
  • Energy
  • Managing communication apprehension