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Gamify Your Productivity!

Gamify Productivity

Do you ever feel like you’re dragging your feet when it comes to studying, homework, or any other daily tasks in your life? Do you just feel plain bored and unmotivated? Well, these five productivity apps (Habitica, Dominate Life, Finch, Focus Plant, and Notion) will gamify your daily tasks and help keep you focused. Whether or not you play games in your free time, these apps will show you just how productive you can be!

Graphic with pictures of the apps and text that says, "Gamify Your Life!"

Habitica | Free desktop site and mobile app.

    • Like role-playing games (RPGs)? This is the one for you.
    • Use Habitica to create daily to-do lists, recurring to-do lists, and even create habit goals!
    • Determine your character’s class, specialty, name, and customize how their pixel sprite looks.
    • With each completed item, you gain XP, mana (magic), and gold to further customize your character!
    • You can invite friends and go on “quests” to complete tasks together!
    • This is best for students who have recurring monthly/weekly/daily tasks and those who work primarily on a desktop.

Dominate Life | Free iOS (iPhone) app.

    • Super straightforward RPG-style productivity app.
    • Highly customizable character traits and designs.
    • What tasks and habits you complete, will affect your character’s attributes/traits.
    • Can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
    • Your choices affect your character!
    • This is best for students who are on the go and want something uncomplicated.

Picture of Dominate Life App

Finch | Free mobile app.

    • Like Tamagotchi and PokemonGo!
    • Create healthy mental habits through consistent taskwork!
    • You get a pet Finch that you take care of by completing your daily tasks (which you can customize).
    • With each completed task, your Finch will grow, earn rewards, and you’ll improve your mental well-being.
    • This is best for those who struggle with motivation and want to create healthier and more productive habits.

Picture of Finch app features

Focus Plant | Free mobile app.

    • Want a visible marker of your production? How about a garden
    • Stay consistent with daily tasks, whether that be academic, professional, or personal, and you’ll see your garden grow.
    • While you focus, you collect rain drops which you can use towards growing your plants.
    • The app works towards lessening phone distraction through its focus system, so if you want to stop being distracted by Instagram or TikTok or Snapchat, this may help!  
    • This is best for those who want a super simple but engaging productivity app
    • Picture of Focus Plant App features

Notion | Free mobile and desktop app.

    • Less of a “game” but it’s incredibly customizable and accessible.
    • Use this for school, work, and/or personal goals!
    • Notion is essentially a digital notebook. You can access your Notion on your phone and on your desktop!
    • Includes templates so you won’t get overwhelmed when you’re getting started.
    • This is best for anyone who wants a digital planner and/or digital notebook that you can access on your phone AND computer.

Screenshot showing Notion app features

Screenshot showing more Notion app features