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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services


If you find you need assistance finding anything or scheduling an appointment, feel free to contact us. 

More Information Available!

Use the left menu to go to our Frequently Asked Questions which helps you prepare for your tutoring session, or additional resources about our Math Lab, Writing Lab, Speech Lab, Academic Success Coaching, and Technology Tutoring. We also offer Tutoring in courses in sciences, business, and more, so check out the list later on this page.

The Meet Our Tutors area of our website is a great place to look to find out more about our Kish tutors, and you'll feel more comfortable seeking help online or in-person from our employees. We look forward to helping you soon!

Two options to meet with a tutor

Schedule a Kish tutor Online and in-person Familiar faces Dependable Course specific help Instructor connected Free Logo:AccudemiaNeed an online tutor right now? Online Only, Specific Problem help, 24/7 Assistance, Free, To access this service, scroll down on your D2L course home page and click

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Tutoring Services provides two options for tutoring; Kish Tutors and Check the file for your course to see which option(s) are available to you. Additionally, 

Kish Writing Lab available for writing in any course

Kish Math Lab available for math concepts in math or any course

Kish Speech Lab available for presentations in any course