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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

  • Any currently enrolled Kish student regardless of the current grade in your course

It is generally recommended to meet with a tutor after you have gone over your class materials and attempted your homework to help clarify any confusion on specific problem types or concepts.

Other times you might want to meet with a Math Lab tutor:

  • You are stuck on a specific problem
  • It is the beginning of the course and you are not sure where to start
  • You have an upcoming exam and still do not understand specific concepts
  • You did not understand your professor on the previous lecture
  • You want to brush up on some basic skills
  • Homework problems
  • Concepts such as fractions, solving, ratios, and more
  • Exam preparation
  • Study tips
  • Calculator use

We do not help with specific exam or quiz questions, but we are happy to help you with similar homework problems or explain concepts that you are being tested on.